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Angelic Gua Sha Face & Body Sculpting All In One

Angelic Gua Sha Face & Body Sculpting All In One

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> Anti aging
>Increases the absorption of skincare
>Sculpting, firming & plumping..
>Improvs suppleness and radiance of the skin..
>Reduces inflammation and puffiness..
>Clears toxins

Define cheekbones, smooth lines and wrinkles! 

Meet your new favourite beauty tool - the Angelic Skin Heating And Cooling Gua Sha!

The Angelic Skin Heating And Cooling EMS Gua Sha helps to define cheekbones, smooth lines and wrinkles and banish blemishes with multi-purpose facial sculpting settings.


Easy 3 in 1 at home facial

Don't waste time and money buying 3 different tools when you can get them all in one easy to use gua sha!

Our unique Gua Sha combines Heating & Cooling therapy, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), Ultrasonic Vibrations, & light therapy into one easy-to-use device!

lifts and sculps
With the use of heat therapy, ultrasonic vibrations and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) the Angelic Gua Sha visibly lifts and sculps the face by stimulating blood flow to the skin/ muscles and promoting lymphatic drainage. This reduces puffiness, smooths complexion, softens lines, reduces sagging.

Clearing toxins and inflammation
The Angelic Gua Sha helps clear toxins and inflammation in the skin through massage, and cooling therapy. Message Simulates the lymphatic system removing toxins from the skin while releveling knots and tension in muscles. Using cooling therapy reduces inflammation in the skin reliving redness and puffiness. 


Using EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) the Angelic Gua Sha helps to improve the elasticity of the skin through active cell renewal, regular use can produce incredible anti-ageing results. Ultrasonic massage brings blood flow to the skin and muscles which increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.

Easy to use from the comfort of your own home

The Angelic Face Sculpting EMS Gua Sha brings professional in-salon services safely to the comfort of your home.

Until recently, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) was something that you could only find in clinics and salons, EMS is a near-magical mode of muscle firming that can produce incredible anti-ageing results.

Our qua sha is desighned to be a very safe method of heat and cool therapy for home use. This is because of the advanced zinc alloy gua sha edge that heats up and cools down quickly with temperature controls that only allow the temperature to move between 12-45 degrees which is very safe and benifical for skin.

The temperature controls are extremely important as any unregulated at home treatments such as using ice blocks, frozen massaging tools, heat packs, etc. runs the risk of reaching unsafe temperatures which can cause burns and skin cell damage.


Naturally plump looking and youthful skin

Achive your dream skin using our Angelic Skin Heating And Cooling EMS Gua Sha inspired by the classic stone Gua Sha, a massage tool which has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years to lift, firm and improve the overall health and radiance of the skin.

Our Angelic Face Sculpting EMS Gua Sha combines the benifits of this proven massage technique with Heating & Cooling therapy, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), Ultrasonic Vibrations, & light therapy for expenentual results.


Enhance the penetration of your skincare products

Enhance the penetration from your skincare and recieve hightened benifits with our Heat Therapy Mode. Heat therapy used in combination with Ultrasonic Vibrations and red light therapy sooths and relaxes skin, opening pores and allowing for deeper skin penatration.

Use your favourite skin oil for the best results.


Improve your skins fitness

You can easlily improve your skins fitness and take your skincare routine to the next level using our Angelic Face Sculpting EMS Gua Sha.

Our Anti-aging EMS Mode sends tiny electric pulses through your skin's surface stimulating the muscles underneath. This causes the muscles to contract and relax at recurring intervals, and is essentially like a skin fitness work out. Results can be visible after just one use, over time this fitness routine tones up the muscles in your face causing a lifted and firmer complection.

Anti-aging EMS Mode

The EMS mode uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and purple light therapy to:

- Improve the elasticity of the skin through active cell renewal

- Increasing blood circulation

- Improves facial muscle tone

- Lifts jowls and eyebrows

- Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

- Reduce puffiness

- Evens out skin tone and smoothes texture

- lymphatic drainage and toxin removal

- Increases the absorption of skincare products

- Enhances collagen and elastin production

Regular use can produce incredible anti-ageing results


Cool Therapy Mode

The Cool Therapy Mode cools down to a soothing and refreshing 12 degrees, with the help of Ultrasonic Vibrations, & blue light therapy it:

- Reduce inflammation in the skin reliving redness and puffiness

- Reduce oiliness of the skin

- Eases acne

- Soothe sunburn or irritated skin

- Reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles

- Anti aging and clears toxins

- Boost the skin's healthy glow

- lymphatic drainage and toxin removal

- Sculp, firm & plum the skin

Our cool therapy mode cools down to 12 degrees, which makes it a safer alturnitive to using items such as ice blocks and other frozen massaging devises to do cold therapy at home.


Heat Therapy Mode

The Heat Therapy Mode heats up to a very comfotable 45 degrees which is incredibly soothing to the skin. It also uses Ultrasonic Vibrations, & red light therapy to:

- Sculpt, firm & plump skin

- Open pores and increases the absorption of skincare products

- Improves blood circulation

- Soothes and relax muscle tissues

- Reduces puffiness

- Smooths complexion

- Softens lines

- Reduces sagging

- Anti aging and clears toxins

- lymphatic drainage and toxin removal

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    • Louise E. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      "I have been using the cleanser for a couple of months now. My face is smoother and brighter and no new pimples are appearing!"

    • Melina W. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      "My skin has not looked this good! I am honestly amazed and would recommend it to anyone." 

    • Mia L. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      "So happy with this cleansing brush, my skin is so nice and glowy! It's cleared up my acne, it's so gentle on my skin. I am obsessed!"

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