An Ex Beauty Therapists Ultimate Guide To Cleansing

An Ex Beauty Therapists Ultimate Guide To Cleansing

Your Skin's Best Friend

Cleansing the skin is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine! It is the prep - the primer of your skincare and protects your skin from the harmful effects of leaving toxins on your skin long term.

It's important to cleanse to remove makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, oil, bacteria, viruses, toxins and pollutants from the skin. If they are not removed they can fester and cause irritation, acne and skin conditions and disorders.

Cleansing or not cleansing will dictate the health, look and texture of your skin.

Cleansing also primes your skin for other treatments such as serums, toners, essences and masks. If you do not cleanse there is almost no point in applying all those amazing after products as they will not work to the best of their ability on uncleansed skin as there will be oil, dead skin cells, oil, bacteria, viruses, toxins and pollutants still on the skin blocking the treatment, or even worse being absorbed into your skin with the treatment.

The Secret to Cleansing

The secret to cleansing is double-cleansing. Its the first thing they teach you at beauty school and is so so important, especially when treating blemish-prone skin!

This means that you literally cleanse your face twice in a row.

Yeah! I know, it sounds strange and unnecessary, right? But no, trust me it's so worth it.

The results from double cleansing compared to cleansing just once are dramatic.

Just think, Fewer breakouts, Softer/ smoother skin, more even skin tone, more illuminant, plump and healthier skin!

If you think about it this way

First cleanse - gets rid of dirt

Second cleanse - cleans the skin and the pores

Skin types and their cleansers

We should always choose our cleanser according to our skin type, skin type is measured by how much oil your skin naturally produces.

The skin produces oil to naturally moisturise its self, but some skin types get overzealous and overdo it or under zealous and don't make enough. This is how we get different skin types.

Different types of cleansers remove different amounts of oil from the skin this is why an oily skin type would choose a different cleanser from a dry skin type.

It is important to invest in a good quality cleanser with non-stripping ingredients. Even an oily skin type can get over stripped!

Oily Skin Type

An oily skin type produces too much oil so the cleanser we choose has to remove excess oil without stripping the skin.

To remove excess oil on an oily skin type, a foaming or gel cleanser works best! This type of cleanser helps break apart and dissolve oil on the skin's surface.

Combination Skin Type

A combo skin type makes too much oil in some parts and not enough oil in others. It is simultaneously oily and dry at the same time. Super annoying, I know. Its also the most common skin type so you are not alone! 

The cleanser we choose for this skin type has to play a balancing game, it has to remove excess oil without stripping the dryer areas of the skin.

To balance out the skin you will need a good quality gentle foaming or gel cleanser!


Normal Skin Type

A normal skin type makes just enough oil to perfectly maintain its self, this skin type is rare and you are lucky if you have it! 

This skin type is the most versatile out of them all, but don't get too cocky, you can still strip your skin!

To cleanse without disrupting your skins superb self moisturising efforts you will need a good quality gentle gel cleanser or a milky cream cleanser!

Dry Skin Type

A dry skin type is lacking oil, the skin isn't making enough to moisturise its self so its in a constant thirsty state. You can quench its thirst and cleanse it simultaneously with a good milk, cream or balm cleanser! This type of cleanser really hydrates the skin while removing all the unwanted toxins while not removing the much lusted over oil it needs!

Wait, is this a cleanser?

Micellar Water - Micellar water would come into the category of a makeup remover or at best a first cleanse. It is well known for its makeup removal capabilities but in my opinion, it is not thorough enough to be categorized as a cleanser. I would always go in after with a cleanser afterwards to remove the excess debris left behind while removing the residue from the micellar.

Oil Cleanser
- An oil cleanser would be categorised as a cleanser though most people will not use it alone. It is known to leave a slight oil residue on the skin. I would suggest going in with another cleanser afterwards if you don't like the residue. Oil cleansers are very thorough, the oil actually attracts binds with the oil and debris on your skin and is the best for removing makeup. The secret to this type of cleanser is to massage it onto dry skin then emulsify with water and then wash it off.

Don't be basic!

A great way to get a deeper clean with your cleanser is to choose a cleanser with active ingredients! Active ingredients can really bring your cleansing game to the next level, removing extra unwanted dead skin and preventing acne!

Active ingredients to look for in a cleanser would be:

Salicylic Acid - This ingredient really gets into your pores and removes built-up oil and dead skin and clears the surface of your skin leaving it fresh! Perfect for Oily- Combination skin types.

Lactic Acid - This ingredient does amazing work of removing unwanted dead skin whilst hydrating the skin. Perfect for any skin type!

Glycolic acid - This ingredient gives a deep clean and removal of built-up dead skin. It works amazing for any skin type!


When choosing a cleanser, always choose it according to your skin type and choose a good quality gentle cleanser! For next-level results choose a cleanser with active ingredients.

When formulating the Eluna Skincare Purify Cleaner I really wanted it to be versatile for multiple skin types, to be gentle enough for sensitive skin and to have powerful active ingredients for a deep cleanse without stripping your skin.

Its a luxuriously slippery gel cleanser perfect for Normal, combo and oily skin types. It is made from soothing natural ingredients and is gentle on the skin with the power of Salicylic Acid to leave you feeling fresh, clean and non-stripped. 

Check out the Eluna Skincare Purify Cleanser here.

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