Harness the power of skincare made from luxury natural blends & powerful active ingredients. Treat your skin to that GODDESS GLOW.

100% Natural, Australian Made, Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty-Free!

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Eluna Skincare Is

  • 100% Natural Skincare
  • Australian Made Skincare
  • Cruelty Free Skincare

Customer Testimonials

I love these products! Since using them I have noticed a significant difference in the appearance and texture of my skin. My skin is glowing and feels so soft and hydrated. The cleanser is great for keeping my skin clean and removes my makeup effortlessly. The moisturizer made my face glow, and has is brilliant at keeping my skin hydrated and smooth. The scrub invigorates the face keeping the skin smooth and pairs with the cleaner and moisturizer really well. The smell and feel of these products is amazing! The ingredients and formula have done wonders for my skin, and I love that it is vegan and natural. I am very impressed with Eluna Skincare!

Danielle T.

I loveeeee this cleanser! I have combination dry skin and over the years have had a lot of cleansers really strip moisture from my skin and even cause redness! Eluna's cleanser is really pleasant to use. It smells nice, it looks nice and it has an addictive slippery feel to it that gets me excited to start my skincare routine! I have noticed almost all my pimples and blackheads are gone after using this for a few months and my skin's tone has been way more even.

Alex R.

AWESOME. I have sensitive combination skin and was in need of a really great moisturiser. Eluna’s Divine hydration moisturiser exceeded my expectations. Soft, lightweight but deep hydration. It left my skin feeling velvety smooth. The next day my skin was even softer. Definitely long lasting hydration. Gave me drunk elephant vibes but smells even better!

Christine H.

What is Eluna Skincare?

Forget basic, Eluna is skincare made for goddesses.

Specially formulated to help clear acne, unclog pores, brighten, smooth and plump the skin to leave you with a healthy glowing complexion.

Suitable for all skin types and formulated to be gentle enough for sensitive skin!

Made with 100% natural ingredients with powerful active ingredients and soothing botanicals. 

All of our products are professionally formulated and manufactured in Australia. 

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Eluna Skincare Divine Hydration Moisturiser

Who is Eluna Skincare?

Eluna Skincare is an all-natural, Australian-made skincare brand created by a (very fussy) beauty therapist who wanted to make a unique skincare brand that earns it's goddess-grade title! 

Eluna is inspired by feminine beauty and powered by nature. Our goal is to empower every woman to feel confident in their skin and GLOW like a GODDESS.

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